How to get Linux on Sony Viao

I have a 2013 SONY VAIO SVE14A16FHN which started off as a windows 7 Laptop, Back in the Day. It has been given to me now. After updating it to the fullest, With 16 GB RAM, Windows 10 and all that, I thought of installing Linux and came across your article for beginners and did everything in it except the problem was that the BIOS key i could not find so i just went setting > Recovery > Restart Now and start CD/ Drive. but always it booted in windows 10 with no other option
i have
made a partition on D Drive.
flashed and created a efi folder on my removable drive where i need to install Linux using etcher.
any sort of help and suggestion is highly appreciated.

Verify the integrity of the downloaded .iso file by evaluating its checksum, before flashing.

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I once had a “noughties” (i.e. made sometime between 2000 and 2007) era Viaio - you had to actually dismantle the WHOLE thing to get at the HDD - which I wanted to - to install a larger one and install Linux on it - very nifty looking device… After dismantling it and ripping the HDD out - I never got around to putting it back together again (probably ended up in landfill)…
A 2013 device should probably have both UEFI and legacy mode… I don’t have any UEFI only devices, and I don’t dual boot, so I set everything I have to “legacy”…
I don’t know about Sony Viaio devices, but Dell laptops let you press F12 when it boots up (probably some other key on Sony), then select whether you want to boot from USB, HDD, optical, Legacy or UEFI…

  • and sorry for hijacking your thread with more of my wordy anecdotes :smiley:
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When you do as you have been doing. When you go to the BIOS move along until you see boot order. You should now change it to Legacy and ensue Legacy Support is also enabled. Then move down and see the Boot Priority. The first one will be Windows Boot Manager. You need the first one to to be the CD drive so you will have to move this to the top using the F6 key or whatever the settings to do so. Once this is done, move along and accept the settings and it will boot into that first if you have the ISO burnt on it otherwise it will not do so as there is nothing for it to boot into.

Once successfully installed the next time you boot, if you do not change the order then when the system starts you will have a choice if to boot into windows or linux, but you have to be quick about making the choice as it will boot into the first boot on the system which might not be what you want.

so far i see you have told us about some of the things you have done, but i don’t see any questions other than the general “how to get linux on my computer?”. can you clarify what help you need exactly?

it might help to know what particular

you are trying to follow and whether or not you have successfully created a live usb yet :slight_smile: