How to get rid of this?

Does someone know how to get rid of this image on some of the websites ?


Probably can be removed by using AdBlockers. Sometimes you simply cannot remove it, though.

Perhaps this works:

I don’t know whether it just disables the tracking or the buttons themselves.

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I am quite certain that it could be placed beside the text not over it.

I wonder if asking the webmasters to make it less invasive would do well ?


I doubt that.


Okay, install AdBlock Plus extension; click on it, select block a layer (I’m not sure; it sounds like to block a part of website), and click the layer whoch you want to remove.

I’m telling this from my experience. It worked for me. Do reply after the results…

Thank you.

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Great @Nina.
Your solution works on the specific website I took the image from.
Thank you.