How to get system infor mation via commandline?

The software is something else than uname. I forgot the name. Not able to find. Please answer ASAP.

Hello and welcome here.

Did you try inxi ?
or even better inxi -Fxx ?

It all depends what info from your system you want !

inxi -Fxz will give a very detailed system infomation list.

neofetch will give a you prettier more succinct list.

I think both of these commands work out of the box in Linux Mint. I’m not sure about other distros, you may have to manually add them to your system.

sudo apt install -y inxi

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No inxi commands work at present on any of my computers…

This command will grab a shedload of information but be sure to have Terminal at full screen so you do not miss anything on the right hand side

journalctl -b -1

Hope it grabs what you need - if not, please do come back to us
Good Luck