How to Insert screenshot in It's FOSS Community Forum?

How can I insert screenshot from my comp. into here to the text area? to show visually what is my partition problem upload icon does not work.

Hi @lvik,
After you take your screen shot, click on the little “pic” icon above your reply area.

The upload screen will be displayed and you select the image you want to include in your post / reply.

Hope this helps.
Take care

Note also - Discourse (It’s Foss runs on Discourse), in a modern browser like Brave, Chrome, Chromium, Edge etc, supports direct pasting…

e.g. take a screenshot - it’s in the clipboard (Ubuntu 22 does this automatically, but previous releases didn’t) - open up the conversation in this forum and paste (Ctrl+V)…

Another feature in Ubuntu 22.04, is Nautilus can copy any image into the clipboard - e.g. I take a screenshot, but I want to crop it - or edit/redact some confidential information, so I open the file up in kolourpaint, or shotwell, or gimp, edit it - then save. Then in Nautilus (“Files” in Ubuntu) I right click and “Copy” and it’s in the clipboard as an image (Ubuntu 20.04 only copied the reference to the file, so you could copy the file somewhere else) and you can paste it into applications (like a conversation thread in Discourse : i.e. this forum) - previous to Ubuntu 22.04 (I think it’s a Gnome 4x feature, not specific to Ubuntu) I had to resort to using xclip to get an image into the clipboard…

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Apart from the little image icon you see while writing a comment, you can also just Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot (if it is copied to the clipboard).

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Thank you guys for helping me . It works

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