How to install epson printer in Linux Mint 19

Having trouble with installing epson mf-2510. have been using 18.4 and past version no trouble, but mint 19 connect to server. Tried mint forum but no help. Seems the more updates the worse mint becomes.

Try going to Epson’s driver download page and search for the model number and Linux as the OS. Click through and download the .deb for your archetecture.
Failing that, but a Canon. I ditched Epson for Canon several years ago for better Linux support.

Tried Epson drivers would not work. What I get is ’ cant connect to server’. Dropped back to 18.4 it works okay, but only for the printer still have issues with that, is why I went to 19.Thanks

May sound silly, but I found the drivers in the Software Manager worked first time for my Epson.
Did not need to go looking for drivers on line.

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Thanks for help. Have installed mint 18.3 for now alls well. Will look at mint 19 in the future.

Have you tried CUPS ?

In a browser http://localhost:631/

Frank , EI7KS