How to install Oracle 19C in Ubuntu

@abhishek sir please make a video how to install Oracle 19C Database, in Ubuntu I searched in YouTube but not found a good one could you please make a video for us and I am confused here to choose which one I have to download there a RPM package and another for Linux which one is supported by Ubuntu. I only use C, Eclipse and Oracle 19c. I know how to compile C and Java programs but don’t know how to install Oracle Database.

Thanks for quick solution.

Hi there.
I cannot help you with the whole Oracle thing, but I can tell you that you will need “.deb” packages for Ubuntu as it is based on Debian (one could convert rpm packages via “alien”, but this is a thing for pros).
“.rpm” is the RedHat Package Management. This is used for openSUSE, Fedora or any other RedHat related distro.
See here and here.

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