How to Install QQ and YY in Ubuntu

Hi all,

Because I am an English teacher in both YY and QQ I would like to be updated how to install QQ International and YY.
I yried it in many ways but was not able to find the good way.
Please explain in a step-way what to do.
Both those programs and the volunteerwork are the only reason to use W10.

Greetz and thanks on forehand.

Hans Minekus
The Netherlands

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It is probably helpful, if you would explicitly elaborate on this, to exclude that we repeat something that doesn’t work or maybe we can fix an error in your procedure.

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Windows, Mac and Android support

Read Glenn Smart comments

Old Linuxmint, read LEDominator comment, bottom of page 2

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As per Wikipedia, there is Pidgin plugin:

Have you tried using that?

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Thanks for the answers until now.
Maybe it is a matter of not having enough knowledge or not how-to-handle this but I was not able to use the the google site.
Of course they have a lot of plugins, but I could not find the right one (will have a look on the great number of pages , ended on page 20) yet.
Also I find that I do not have enough knowledge of installing the different Ubuntu possibilities.
When I tried to the answer of the system was different but not hurrah Hans you did it.
So sorry to react like this.

Thannks again


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Just saw that the plugin hasn’t been updated for last 8 years. Avoid using it.

Even Rambox and Franz don’t have support for YY and QQ.

You may contact the developers and see with them if they can provide this service in their next versions.


Thanks for the answer.
In the meantime I tried the double boot between W10 and Lubuntu.
I am still not able to put the startups together, despite your information concerning 2double boot etc.

The big problem is how to combine the startup and the choice between the 2.

Maybe someone can help me.
Home, swap is OK but theboot together does not work.


i am a bit unclear as to what you are asking for help with. is it still the question about installing QQ and YY or something about dual booting?

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Thanks for answering Cordx.

I am unsing these proggies for teaching in China.


Sorry, and no it is not about dualbooting, that I found out in the meantime, but it is the question if there is a possibility to use YY and QQ in Mint.

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