How to install windows 10 with Arch Linux pre-installed

I was dual booting arch Linux with windows 10 but I removed windows 10 by mistake. I thought that I will install windows later on but now I am having difficulty installing windows. I have installed windows 10 iso image and flashed it into my pen drive but I don’t know from where I have to install it as I am new in arch Linux. When I open my boot menu I can’t find my flash drive. Please help me.

Thanks in advance

Did you try to restore a backup? The easiest way would be to just restore e.g. your weekly backup of your system.

Weekly backup of windows ???

For example, if you have a backup made with Clonezilla, you could restore that image.
Otherwise, it depends on what type of backup you created. If you only have a simple data backup, you perhaps need to re-install Windows and then restore the data.

I don’t have any backup of my windows. I didn’t create one and if the windows created one then I must have removed it as I deleted the whole windows partition

Why and how did you do that exactly?

I didn’t really planned on deleting it but when I was partitioning the directories I deleted windows directory by mistake. I thought I would install windows later on after installing arch but I didn’t knew it would be that difficult

Okay, well, then it’s really a mystery how there was no backup created before doing such system critical operations.

I think you may have to start from scratch. When dual-booting with Windows as one of the OS’s you have to install Windows first because it has to be located in a certain position on the disk. Linux does not have this limitation.

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