How to keep unsaved Text Edit file on exit?

I’m using Gedit Text Editor 3.36.2 on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS) to dump ideas, links, notes, etc, creating files I don’t necessarily want to save, but often continue with at a next log-in session.
Just like Firefox “remembers” the open windows at next session, how do I add this feature to the Text Editor window? (I already checked out the plug-ins, but none do what I want.
Is there a little script you can add in a specific folder that could do the trick?

The default text editor in elementary “scratch” has this exact behaviour… I actually tried unsuccessfully to get it running in Ubuntu but gave up… I mostly only text edit (for saving) in a terminal in vi anyway…

But it was a nice feature… sadly lacking from gedit…


I personally use Kate for most of my text editing needs. It has “Kate Sessions” where you can store your editing session, just the way you would do with your internet browser. Actually, it’s even better, because you can save several sessions and load them anytime you need them.
When using KDE as a desktop environment, you even get an icon in the taskbar for easily accessing Kate Sessions.

However, if you are doing a LOT of writing and have a lot of windows open in your editor, I would recommend you step up and upgrade your editing experience.

There is Foam which is FOSS. You can use it with VS Code (which is almost entirely FOSS) or the 100% FOSS version of VS Code.


I don’t with gedit, but kate offers to recover unsaved files automatically.

If you don’t know kate (my favourite editor):


You can get scratch source : Scratch in Launchpad

I think when I tried building it from source, I kept getting missing libraries and stuff and gave up… that was probably a few years ago now (maybe 2016/17 ?)…

Might be worth another try I reckon…

It does exactly what you’re asking for - it autosaves everything - and if you reboot - and fire it up again - there’s all the tabs and saved text files you had open last time… pretty neat actually… and it just does that - you don’t need to tweak it or set that feature up…


Never heard of foam, just opened the page to check it out and found to my dismay that they’re using a gimmick (foam bubbles), I thought I had come up with … so much for originality. :frowning_face:

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Thanks everybody for sharing your advice and experiences. I’m testing your suggestions in detail and will continue search and test.


Notepadqq has this feature.


Notepadqq has exactly all the features I need. Thanks for the tip.