How to open the secret mail pasword of the provider for the FritzBox and using a Linux distro

Hello all,

Not so long ago I started with a new provider.
But as many providers in my country they are blocking all the possibilities with password when you want to start using your own VoIP.
In Windows I tried to use Winshark or something like that, but I do not know a piece of software in the Linux distros

Plese help.

Also I am using for my English lessons to people in China the software called QQ and YY (both Tencent programs) .
Although I tired it with Wine, I am not able to get it working.

Maybe one of you can help me.
QQ and YY are the only reasons I am still using Window.


Hans Minekus

Which Fritz box are you using? You should be able to unlock everything from the settings after you log into the Fritzbox. I have just checked and done it on mine, without problems. Also you can change the password there if you need to do so.

Thanks for the answer.
The provider is using the Zyxel as a modem with a locked password in the phone-part.
Because the quality of the Zyxel is not that good and fast I want to use y own FB7490.
Here one can of course use different phones etc.
But the fixed phone we use is build in the Zyxel with of course a PW.
Nerds of course are able to open the PW but I am not one and I do not know one.
That is the reason I ask the information this time here in the forum.
Cracking PWs in Holland is getting more and more difficult because providers are trying to stop VoIP-private phone calling. They create higher prices and make extra money.
We have family and children outside Europe and that is why we try to have a working VoIP again.



It would be helpful if you could elaborate further on what you mean by secret mail pasword of the provider and

I don’t understand what exactly is locked and why you still need the Zyxel. If you have your Fritz!Box and you can use different phones, as you said, then why not just do that?

Thanks Akito for answering me.
In the modems and routers of the Dutch providers nowadays they protect their VoIP’s with passwords.
If one wants to use another modem/router as I am used to, they do not give the hidden password.
So I can not use the phone and call with another VoIP-proggy, and create lower costs , (because the family lives in the US, down under ad China) because the PW is not known to me.


Reading the mails back I realize I am sometimes not really clear in the question:
The modem of the provider is a Zyxel with the software to use internet en VoIP .
I want to use my FritzBox7490 esp. to use my own VoIP-provider and create a free phone call using my own VoIP-provider.
Hope you understand the question now. Sorry to bother you extra with this


at this point i am speaking for myself, but have sent off a message to the site owner for clarification. it is my belief that we are not a “hacker” or password breaking community. i understand your desire to use the full functionality of your own equipment, but there is no way to know (beyond the patent legal ramifications/questions) that the password you are asking to bypass is not for nefarious purposes.

That’s interesting Hans, didn’t know that. Surely there is something in E.U. law that would make them provide that? Just asking don’t know. Or perhaps going directly to Fritzbox might help?

Thanks for the answers again.
Was thinking of going to AVM.
Mostly they have something because those developments are harming theit biz.


Well, nowadays, where companies are trying to squeeze out the very last penny out of hard working humans, this password measure is no surprise to me and I find it more than believable. That said, it is probably easily proven by asking other Dutch citizens. Therefore, I don’t see a problem in cracking the password. Especially, if it is a limitation imposed upon by a company. Breaking ToS of any company should be legal.

Hello again,

Thank you all for the help and/or remarks.
There should be a proggy that should be able to open information in the computer called Winshark, but as a non-bee I am not able to use it.
Concerning illegal activities this: Many people are using software which is not illegal as such, but on the other hand when prices are doubled in 1,5 years time and the wages not then of course people are looking for other possibilities. Besides the question is also if a cy is allowed to create prices for a service which is also available and free , using the internet. (they say it is a convenience service).
Anyway again thanks for the help and thinking with me.



Do you mean Wireshark?

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Hi Akito,
Sorry for the late response but had the children here from the US.

Sorry, for the wrong m]name, and yes it is Wireshark.

Thanks for answering.