How to rebuild GRUB mint 18 for dual boot


First windows 10-- explains alot… I had dual boot to Mint 18 and 10… Windows update crashed my partition. Rebuild the windows boot. lost mint boot, partitions are still there. Cannot rebuild the GRUB. always errors. any help??? been trying off live but the downloads do not work… I am really new to linux ( 1year) thanks.

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I don’t know which of the 18 series of Mint you are using as that is not clear. My advice to you would be to go straight to either 19 or 19.1 as installing either of these will solve the problem for you the easy way as you are new to it. You can install both along side Windows, just let Mint do the work for you otherwise you could get lost. If you are unsure this will help and is always hand to keep. You just need to chose your language that you want to have it in.

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Please elucidate me.

I see no reference to what partition tables i.e GPT or MSDOS were used, what format applied, i.e NTFS and ext4, and what order they were installed.

It is considered best practise to install windoze, first, it solves a lot of problems before they begin.

I could give give you an example, but there is no reference to what sought of computer you have.

Please in future mention Make, Model, CPU i.e AMD or Intel, GPU Nvidia card, DDR2,3 or 4 ram. Is it UEFI capable.?



New user here also. I’m using Mint 18.3. When I installed Mint, the Dual Boot screen did not come up but instead booted Mint. I had no option for Window 10. I restored my Window’s partition and then the PC booted Windows only. I tried both Mint install options 1) Install along side of Windows and 2) Something else. Still no boot option. I found a solution that guided me to add windows to GRUB. The web site I found it at is Good Luck.

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