How to redefine custom shortcut to open Terminal once Terminator was installed?

For Ubuntu Desktop 22.04, with the ctrl + alt + t shortcut is opened the default terminal available.

Now Terminator was installed and with the same shorcut now Terminator is opened instead. I did do a research in Preferences for each one and does not exist a shortcut to define how to open each one. Only their respective internal shortcuts.


  • SettingsKeyboardKeyboard ShortcutsView and Customize ShortcutsCustom Shortcuts was defined ctrl + alt + y for Terminator and works.

But ctrl + alt + t remains for Terminator yet.


  • SettingsKeyboardKeyboard ShortcutsView and Customize ShortcutsLaunchers I can see the Launch terminal option defined with ctrl + alt + t but is not possible edit to indicate use Terminal

How to Fix this?