How to Remove Lock Screen and Log-In after Suspend


I am in the process of setting up my new Mint 19.1 install on a USB SSD, and have a question about the lock screen and needing to input my password each time. When I did the install, I am pretty sure I chose to log-in automatically, but since I have been working with this version, I find that when the laptop sleeps, it returns to the lock screen and I need to input my password.

There must be a way to disable this so that it will log in automatically. I am the only user and really don’t need it to lock each time.


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Go to User Settings within Settings und check the box for allowing auto-login. It may also depend whether your /home partition is already encrypted or not, if you have a separate one.

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I did try a few things and found that also in the screensaver settings, it was saying to lock the screen when it slept. I changed that and so far so good! We’ll see…

Do you know anything about Opera and passwords? I can’t get this new download of Opera to save any passwords. It asks, but then it doesn’t! Like starting over with a new computer and nothing works the way you want till you figure it all out.

Thanks for the suggestion - hopefully that’s fixed!

TNLH: my experience with LastPass might be useful to you. LastPass (and likely several other password managers) stores password and login information in an encrypted cloud file. Just add LastPass as a browser extension and turn off the browser’s ‘save password’ function. I think it’s safer to use an encrypted manager than a browser to store passwords; moreover, it’s available to any browser and any OS you happen to install, since only you know the master password.

My 2 cents: I always recommend KeePass.
In my opinion pretty much the best password manager, of all.

Don’t know much about Opera, but I would be wary about any browser saving my passwords ! In my opinion the only way to save your passwords is in a secure password manager - I use Password Gorilla - it stores an encrypted file on your PC where you have control of it !
Call me old fashioned, but I would also avoid any cloud based managers to store your valuable personal information - one successful hack and it’s all over the net.

Hope that helps

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Thanks - good points. It is so convenient though to have passwords right there for each log-in. Not talking banking or credit card sites - just other sites, like this one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Guess I’ll look into a password manager.