How to remove Mate-screensaver?

Hello All,

I had to reinstall UM 16.04 after the UM 18.04 keyboard issue. On my previous 16.04 install I was able to use X-screensavers. When I try to remove Mate-Screensavers (terminal), I get the message
that doing so will remove these other packages that I need for 16.04 to work right (which it does).

I have two entries of “Screensavers” under System>Preferences> … One works the X-screensavers and the other works the Mate-screensavers. The Mate-scr. seem to dominate my screensaver world, but every once in awhile the Xscr’s will come on.

What to do? Any help is needed. Also I am not a geek, far from it.



Thanks everyone…Great Forum!