How to replace Ubuntu with Mint Mate 19.1


I have a System 76 laptop with Ubuntu installed. I want to switch to Mint. I’m thinking I’d like to completely replace Ubuntu, not just partition it with Mint. Please tell me step by step how to do this.


Do you want to keep your data (pictures, docs, music etc)? Or would you like to format it completely?


I want to keep data, yes.


This is for dual boot:

But you can use the same for your scenario given that System76 has separate partitions for Home and Root. Basically:

Create a live USB of Linux Mint.
Boot from it and start the installation.
Choose Something Else when asked in the installation steps.
Change the Root partition so that it will be formatted. Keep the Home partition as it is.
You can use another username and in that case, you’ll have the Home directory of the user from Ubuntu and you can copy it to the current user.


wow Such a fast and complete response. Thanks Abhishek. It will take me a while to go through this but I’ll let you know what happens.


As @abhishek says you can dual boot or why not just change the DE to Cinnamon so you can have the best of both.


Thanks for your input, and, what is DE? (and don’t roll your eyes) (hehe)


AND, have the best of both What??


DE sorry means Desk top Environment, that is the thing which is there when you open up. Cinnamon is what Mint uses, so if you use it in Ubuntu you are getting the Mint experience (almost) without having to leave Ubuntu to do so.

I should have been clearer with my explanation. Can I come off the naughty step now. :grinning::grinning: