How to roll back Vivaldi

After the last auto update Vivaldi (5.0.2497.30) will not play any HTML5 proprietary media. Vivaldi says my OS (Ubuntu 16,04) is obsolete and I must upgrade. They cannot provide a fix so I want to role back to the previous version. They gave me links to the archived versions but what would be the best way to install?
I wasn’t able to upgrade Ubuntu until I removed 3rd party software , ppas etc, So have held back until I’m sure I have everything fully backed up. Afraid of losing stuff if things go wrong.
In the meantime I’d like to install an archived version from this list: []
The best appears to be vivaldi-stable_4.3.2439.71-1_amd64.deb
Which I think was my last working version.
So what steps do I take to remove the current version and install the older one?
Any advice greatly appreciated.

Hope my post is acceptable - read FAQs but cannot follow the posting template.

Yes 16.04 is obsolete, so upgrade to 20.04 from a fresh ISO. Backup your stuff first. 20.04 will give you the latest firmware drivers, as well as Vivaldi working correctly playing HTML5 content. Ubuntu 20.04 is supported till 2025, so still three years left.


In Addition to what has already been said you are leaving yourself very vulnerable to security issues by continuing to use 16.x It has been end of life since April. see here you should upgrade with newer version ASAP.
Vivaldi works great with 20.04.

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I will still get security patches until 2023 I believe, unfortunately this is how I got updated to the latest unwanted version of Vivaldi.

My computer is 9 years old and maybe latest drivers would not function just can’t afford time or money to build a new machine. So going to try an upgrade to 18.04 then if that works to 20.x

But not sure how my backup of 16.04 gets restored on higher versions.

Rest assured. My laptop is 12 years old, runs the latest versions of (K)ubuntu (and Vivaldi) with no issues at all.

BTW: I always upgrade my OS version about 1 or 2 months after the latest release.

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