How to Search on it's FOSS

Just signed up for it’s FOSS updates. About page says “Use the search option on the right-hand side to look for older articles on your topic of interest.”

However, on my Android 11 phone, using Firefox, I can find no Search option.

Perhaps your phone’s screen is too tiny. The page in the screenshot looks really ugly and cramped together.
When I visit it on my phone with a resolution much better than Full HD, then the menu on my phone takes only roughly half of my screen, while it takes your entire screen. I also see the search button all the time on my phone, no matter if I open this menu or not.

Using the newest Firefox version on my Android 11 phone.

6½ inch screen. Not tiny.
Firefox 90.1.2 July 19

You can have a 50 inch screen and it’ll be even tinier. As you can see in your screenshot, your phone has only a native screen resolution of 1600 by 720. That is really tiny.

These are my cheap phone’s display specs:

Size 6.67 inches, 107.4 cm2 (~84.6% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 1080 x 2400 pixels, 20:9 ratio (~395 ppi density)

So, yes, your screen is really tiny. If you want, I can show you a screenshot of It’sFOSS on my phone. Compared to what you see, my phone has almost a desktop view. :laughing:

Try viewing websites horizontally. This should fix the issue of your narrow view.

Have you tried using the feature of your phone that uses the landscape on your screen which you can turn on by turning your phone counter clock wise till it is sideways.

Doesn’t help. Still no Search. Not a Firefox issue. Looks exactly the same on Chrome.

Request Desk Site does show search. But awkward to work with.

on my phone, the search button–magnifying glass–is below the Donate option, not in the upper right corner like it is on my computer

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I now have noticed an issue. The website’s responsiveness isn’t perfect. However, if your screen is wide enough, you can see the search:

I specifically for you attached my phone to the PC to upload this piece of proof, just for you, as you seem to vehemently ignore my explanations, because you perhaps think your phone is huge and utterly amazing. :slightly_smiling_face:
So, here you go, a picture proving what I was saying.
This is my phone in landscape. Because the screen (its resolution) is big enough, you can see the search button.
Since your phone’s screen (its resolution) is too tiny, you won’t see the search button.
The website responsiveness would need to be improved to support such tiny screens, as yours.

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Thanks TrekJunky and Akito for your suggestion to view in landscape.

It was Bill B’s observation, in combination with landscape, that solved my problem. As the screenshot shows, the search is BELOW the menu list on lower resolution screens, rather than “on the right-hand side,” as the website says.

Thanks again everyone for your kind help.