How to securely present my desktop to my partner with anydesk

Hi everybody,

I´m wondering whether anyone of you uses anydesk to help other people remotely.

I use it frequently as some of my friends often request my help. I do what can and in such cases they and I use anydesk which is really fine and works well.
With its help I can remotely control their PC with my mouse and keyboard. That´s fine.

But what if I want to just show them my desktop? In some cases it would be fine if could show what some applications look like before changing anything on their system.

I know that there´s the option of reversing the direction of access in a running session but in that case my partner could not only see but also access my system.

What I want to achieve is the following: My partner should be able to see my desktop but nothing else. So he or she should not be able to control it. Is that possible?

Perhaps like so:

In my anydesk: Settings —> Security —> Standard Permissions of Remote Users —> Other users are allowed to… —> un-clicking all entries.

Would that be enough?

Many thanks in advance for your opinions.

Many greetings

my system: Linux/Lubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, 64 bit

Hi Rosika
I have not used this or even heard of it before reading your post. I have taken a quick look at it, not enough to come to any conclusions, but it looks like an interesting and useful tool. Thank you for sharing it. I’ll try to get back to you when I’ve had a good “dig” around in it to see what it does

I don’t know of another tool that would allow just show them your personal desktop, perhaps @abhishek will know of one.


Hi and thank you for your reply. And also for your help.
Well, I´m terribly sorry that I forgot to provide a link to the company´s homepage.
For anyone interested here it is:

Rosika :smiley:


To be honest I hadn’t notice you hadn’t posted the link :grinning: so don’t worry about that -

That should be enough, but as I was too lazy yet to change my settings permanently, I usually just click on all the permissions that are shown in the window that pops up, once someone has connected. Just click all the blue permission buttons and you’re fine.


Thank you for your opinion.
So it seems my original thoughts were correct.
On How to Remotely Access Another Computer - AnyDesk Blog
I just found a picture of what the anydesk-window looks on the other side.
Here I can see the blue permission buttons you were referring to.
As I´ve never been on the other side that was new to me. :wink:

Basically denying the partner access to my keyboard, mouse and clipboard seem to be the most important settings for presentation purposes.
Thanks a lot again for your help and have a nice day.

Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:


I might add, that AnyDesk has some additional security features, compared to its competitor TeamViewer. In TeamViewer the connected partner can move the mouse pointer at the same privilege level as you. Whereas in AnyDesk the connected partner is unable to move the mouse pointer until you actually don’t move the mouse pointer, at all. So no worries there, at least.


Thanks for the additional info. I didn´t know that - despite the fact that I´ve been giving some help to others for quite a while now. :blush:
Good to know.


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