How to see and change swapfile/hibernate settings through GUI?

Hello Friends

When Ubuntu Desktop 22:04 is installed, while the process itself appears a screen with the some options about swapfile, hibernate … and perhaps more if my memory does not fail me.

Once completed the installation process, through GUI where is possible see that settings? I mean if was selected swapfile or hibernate. And of course, if is possible changed it. I looked for at Settings and seems does not exist.


Upgrade RAM and see if is need it to accomplish some settings there.

  • No for the systemctl suspend command execution when be need it
  • Yes for swapfile settings

Hibernate should be in Settings - under Power
I dont think you can change swapfle under GUI… use the
swapon command


When I installed Ubuntu I didn’t select Hibernate to avoid take twice of RAM in the disk. Not sure if I selected something about swapfile or nothing … I can’t remember.

So if the RAM is upgraded from 8GB to 16GB and detected by the OS. It should be enough right?. I mean, nothing more to do.

BTW I don’t use Hibernation, just suspension. Though IDE or systemctl suspend

Pls let me know your thoughts

I have an 8Gb system, and it does not swap unless I do some very large calculations… So 16Gb should be swap free unless you do something extraordinarily complicated, or try to run a number of large processes simultaneously.

You can make anything swap if you try something large enough. I have a larger machine with 64Gb of ram. I tried to run an R job which solved 10 million simultaneous equations.
It swapped, but completed the job.