How to set external monitor as default on Fedora KDE?

Would like to make Fedora KDE default, but need to know how to set the external monitor as default.


Under “Multiple Monitors” says “needs work” = “under construction” i guess.

Also try simply looking at the setting on your OS. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

The ol’ xrander trick again!!

Why couldn’t they do it like KDE Neon, MX and others…

Disabled/re-enabled laptop monitor a few times and the external monitor finally became default!

Will see if this holds at reboot time…

Didn’t stick at reboot and still could not find a fix with xrandr…

Not easy being a non-geek!
Maybe they should categorize people like me as gooks? :thinking:

Just connect the monitor with wga / hdmi and go to settings.
then under monitors / devices / displays, U will find options to choose where u want it to display the screen.

If I am not wrong, then, Fedora is based on Ubuntu, If yes
then this will work.

Thank You

Display of screen position is not the issue Robo Tech.
It’s to set one (the external one) as default.
There’s no option to set external monitor as primary.

No, Fedora is from the other side of the river.

okay sorry
I thought fedora is based on ubuntu


Turns out that (as per Michael Tunnell at DestinationLinux), switching to X11 (instead of Wayland) shows the option. Phew! :slightly_smiling_face: