How to start Touchegg?

Hello all!
How does one get Touchegg working??

I have added the PPA and installed it.
I have also installed the GUI Touche;.
I have opened the config file to adjust.
I have restarted my laptop.
I have started Touchegg in the terminal.

After all these steps I still cannot get any gestures to work!
There is no response to any swipes or pinches.

What could I be missing?

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1 comment, no fixes, or help - I tried installing this and bunch of other stuff so I could have MacOS style gestures in X11 on Gnome 3x and gave up, as it all got too hard and ran into dependancy hell → too hard basket…

I have two choices I guess :
no gestures**
stop using Synergy and run Wayland on my Linux machines

I choose “no gestures”, because I have up to 4 computers on my desk, and I don’t want to juggle multiple keyboards and mouses…

If what you want is touchpad gestures, then I suggest you take a look at Wayland, it has built in touch gestures… I think the now mostly dead Ubuntu Unity 8 supported gestures too…

** No guestures, as in, I give up and wait till :

  1. Symless / synergy get off their arses and port their PROFESSIONAL product to Wayland
  2. Barrier opensource fork of Synergy people port barrier to Wayland

There is this - but it seems more for Windows world :

Signing off.

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The Phantom [sic] Thread Hijacker AKA Daniel M Tripp :smiley: Have a nice day :smiley:

Yeah, I may just wait and hopefully Plasma will introduce it one day - like Elementary has.

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So your answer is RTFM - hey?

Does Plasma run on Wayland?

I’m pretty sure touchpad gestures (admittedly not as extensive as MacOS or elementary) is a “native” thing in Wayland - and independant of the DE - i.e. I can’t do gestures in Gnome 3.x because I’m running it on X11… But I could be wrong 'cause I’m not a KDA / Plasma guy… I keep meaning to try it out again one of these days but never get around to it - was impressed the couple of times I got my feet wet in a VirtualBox VM, but not quite ready to jumpship from my current environments, as I need them for work…

Looks like I will need to wait awhile.