How to unInstall/removed Popcorn Time on Fedora 32 and Other Linux Distributions

Can Tell Me How Can I Removed this full clean


You’ll have to first tell us how did you install Popcorn time in the first place? The removal process corresponds to the installation procedure.

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no idea man - when I used it (haven’t for a year or more now) - I just ran it as a portable app in a folder in my $HOME - uninstall was something like :

cd $POPCORNDIR ; rm -Rf *

I Follow This Way…Plz chack it

Hmm… I thought I had added the steps for removal.

Anyway… basically, you have to undo all the steps you did here:

Here are the commands… run carefully please:

Remove the popcorn time directory:

sudo rm -rf /opt/popcorntime

Remove the link:

sudo rm /usr/bin/Popcorn-Time

Remove the desktop file:

rm /usr/share/applications/popcorntime.desktop

Remove the catch files:

rm -rf ./.cache/Popcorn-Time

Remove the config files

rm -rf ./.config/Popcorn-Time

This should take care of it.