How to watch CBS programs?

Have tried to watch a program on with Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi, Slimjet and Opera (all with adblock disabled) and still, nothing comes through.

The only way out is to boot out of LMDE3 and go into Win 10 and open up Edge.

Probably they still use something like Microsoft Silverlight (discontinued long back).

Does it show any error on the screen?

In Slimjet adblockers are deactivated:
This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors.
If you are using ad blocking software please disable it and reload the page.
Or subscribe to CBS All Access Commercial Free to watch your favorite CBS shows and videos without commercials!

Probably a Silverlight thingy.
Why didn’t i think of that before?

I watch CBS and it can be a pain.
I use Midori just for that site. Make sure adblocker in FF and others
is either turned off or the site is allowed. As far as I know they are
not using Silverlight because Ive not installed anything to handle it.
You cant block cookies from third party either.

Shall give Midori a shot.
Anything particular to configure with it or just leave as is? works well on a Dell Inspiron 15 - Ubuntu 16.04, duel with Windows 10, with Chrome NOT Firefox. Setting up the HDMI requires settings for sound and the external screen. The same with an older HP laptop. Keeping the cookies and data clear with Sweeper or BleachPit @ seems to help links move efficiently on

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At on time I was a bit Chrome user but after all the trouble with Google moved fully to FF. And once I did that I didnt want to open up my browser security wise the way CBS wants you to which is why I used Midori.

I just use it as is. I wipe the cache and cookies afterwards.