HP pavilion DV6 running Lm 20.1 Ulyssa 64 Bit

Started few weeks ago, every time I start to load the OS I get a couple errors…0.005686] : IRQ 1.55 and 2.55 no IRQ handler for vector.
Has no effect on operation, but is not supposed to do this. Any pointers would be appreciated, read couple articles that talked about something in the kernel may be causing it but they never found the answer,
Thanks in advance and I dislike doing anything where I have to use command line…have made several mistakes there B4, but will try, with some good instruction.

If it’s all working fine I would not worry too much about those error codes on boot. During boot the system checks all kinds of things and sometimes depending upon the set up or programs running in the background it does not find what it’s looking for. If it boots and the OS runs fine just ignore them.


As said, it’s not broken if it continues to run…

But you could Upgrade the Linux Kernel

  • Launch Update Manager.
  • In Update Manager’s drop-down menu, click View > Linux Kernels.
  • Choose Continue if a warning message appears.
  • Click the newest kernel available in the left-hand kernel list.
  • In the list of kernel revisions, select the newest one currently supported.
  • Click Install.
  • Confirm your password when prompted.

Don’t delete the older kernel after installing the new one. You’ll save yourself a huge headache if you ever have issues with the new kernel.

To start using the new kernel, simply reboot your device. Unless you instruct it otherwise, your device will always choose the newest installed kernel at boot.

You may also want to update your version of mint


Perhaps a good idea to do this first and test to see if the issues disappear