HP printer on the bum (no driver) - viable options? [Solved]

For me, the biggest issue with windows is the barriers which prevent the user from learning anything about how the OS works. As an educational environment it is a failure.
The ‘O’ in FOSS is important.

That’s what I mean with you are thinking things about using an OS backwards, since this is essential the HUGE immensely great plus about Windows. You don’t need to know anything to be able to use it. Which is why it is simply better for the average Joe, who is not interested in computers, at all.

It’s actually very ironic and telling that you are using the term “barrier” for this situation, since requiring technical knowledge from the user just to use a computer is a HUGE barrier for every normal average Joe!

Most people do not care and do not want to know what is behind the computer. They just want to use it. Rightfully so.


Right, Windows is user oriented.
Unix/Linux/GNU is learner oriented.

If you use Linux, it is a perpetual learning experience. You may be slower at getting things done, but you will grow in skill and experience.
If you just want to do your accounts and use email, use windows.


Appreciate you guys for your tech+wisdom :wink:

Friends at MX forum lead me to this link:
Downloaded the link.
At first try, thought that it was the only thing to do.
At second thought, saved the page as text, made it executable, opened HP toolbox, installed from the file and it works!! yay!

Yes, MX is strong on help and documentation.
I guess that is why it is consistently on top at distrowatch… whether you like their rankings or not.
You will like the KDE, but forget using their print configurer, use cups.

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Wow, you can get your rocket repaired at a car repair shop. :laughing:

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That’s what I mean. :laughing:

Linux fanatics cannot expect normal printers for the average Joe to always offer exquisite Linux support. :smiley:

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Linux fanatics dont need support . They belong to a self sufficient community.

When I want to fix my 54 year old classic landrover, I dont go to the garage, I ring up my toolmaker mate and get him to machine me a part.
Classic Linux is in that sort of category.

Everyone needs support, once they pass a certain threshold in an unknown territory.

Though, with “support” I was referring to how much software there is available for Linux, specifically.

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