HP printers are well supported but in a somewhat crippled way



Every since I started using Linux I was delighted to see that HP printers are always supported but over the year I have grown weary of the settings limitations ; I mean when printing from windows, you can specify all kinds of printing options involving specialty paper, printing speed/quality and many more within the Advanced setting menu. The Linux drivers seem much more limited providing the essentials for vanilla printing meeting the needs of most users I guess. So when I want to do some fancy printing I end up rebooting the computer to Windows 10, just for the sake of printing… Did anyone experience that and was there a better solution than going back to and forth between Windows and Linux.


Hmm… never really used anything other than the basic printing :frowning:


I have an HP Envy 5530 installed on Mint 19.1 and previously used on 18.2, 18.3, and 19.0 and have used it for everything, Photographs A4, A5 and double side printing up to 100 pages and PDF files without any problems or limitations on being able to do so. I can also directly scan from Mint and print the scanned doc or picture without problems. It has also flagged up ink levels. I also have had no problems with driver updates for it.

So to answer your question no I’ve not had any problems with it as I didn’t really with Windows apart from having to manually set it using a dvd, but that was on Windows 8.1 -


I, Like ElectricDandySlider, Have an HP Envy 5530 also and if you install the driver using the hplip-gui tool found in Ubuntu an Mint and I believe it’s installed by default on Manjaro - It even gives you the Hp control panel where you can monitor ink levels and other printer settings. It’s always been able to print everything I need. (Note: hplip-gui has to be installed seperately from hplip on ubuntu/mint machines, but I think it’s installed as part of hplip on manjaro and some other distros. It will show up in the menu as HP Toolbox)
Any way I’ve always found Hp to be good with Linux.


kc1di, thank you for the suggestion to install the hplip-gui. I found a Gnome Shell Extension called “Alternate Menu for Hplip” in the Ubuntu software center and it did give me access to some of the functionality I was looking for ; I could not get the HP Device manager to work but I can live with that…


Glad you something at works a bit for you :slight_smile:
I don’t use gnome so not familiar with that extension.


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Hi! I’ve used 5 - 8 HP printers (lasers, multis, etc.) w/linux since 1999-2000. I find it really simple now with hplip + hplip-gui on openSUSE 42.3 and 15.0 Goto: <forums.opensuse.org > and look for howto article by jcmcdaniel for how to install hplip at command line. This will give you all options for print. After that, print & scan w/simple scan, sane/Xsane is a snap. Make a login/profile at foum; even if not use openSUSE lots of good info there. HTH. Take Care. Have A Healthy, Prosperous Day!