Huawei phones become open source?

Now that Google is going to withhold software updates for Huawei mobile phones does anyone think this could push Huawei to an open source operating system?
I think they would be able to do it they have the money and the people to work on such a big project.


From what I read, they are already working on an OS.


You’re welcome to introduce the reader to your interesting source(s).

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I don’t have any sources only a faint hope that there may be an open source phone. I know there’s some attempts being made but they are far from finished


They might use open source software, rebrand it and use it but a company like Huawei will never open its source code.


I fully agree with @abhishek in his suspicions around Huawei. Abhishek-ji, do your suspicions also include Deepin?

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I agree with the doubters… just look at some of the SoC (system on a chip) vendors from China (e.g. Allwinner, SunXI) - the GPU’s require closed-source binary blobs to function - Allwinner won’t release source code…

Huawei already have Linux on some of their “enterprise” doohickies - I recently did a course through work on their storage / virtualization infrastructure… Can’t see them “playing fair” in FOSS…


There is a video from Quidsup where he noticed tracking installed in the Deepin Software Center

Deepin team responded to the controversy and they removed the tracker.

But there repo servers are still in China and very slow compared to other distributions. AFAIK, they don’t have any mirrors anywhere outside China.

If you remember there was a controversy a few years ago where Android apps from Chinese developers were taking all the possible permissions in phones. This was 'discovered’with Meitu:

The app developers revealed that they Chinese law forces them to use all the permissions in their app. Imagine that you downloaded a photo app and it listens to your calls, access your contacts and files and send these data to Chinese gov servers so that they can use this data to train their AI.

This incident alone has forced me to avoid any Chinese app.


I agree with all that, but I like to point out something, that is always overshadowed when talking about China and its measures. The thing is, that many American products have the same or even worse issues, but they are much less talked about. Of course this applies less to people like you and others here, as you are only using Linux. But anyone who reads the article about Meitu or watches the video about Deepin, complains about it and then returns to their Windows 10 Home machine just does not get the point.
I rather want a cheap Chinese tracker in my Deepin Software Center, that I never use anyway, than using an ENTIRE OPERATING SYSTEM, i.e. Windows 10 Home, that basically is spyware on OS-level.

So, to all those more average and non-hardcore Linux users who also use Netflix, Amazon, Micro$oft, Apple$oft, etc.: Chill down, you have much bigger problems with all those other applications than with a single anime makeover app or with an optional Software Center that is only there for a specific distribution.


I have watched both of quidsup’s videos and “Switched to Linux”, and I think @Akito is right on target. The worst thing about the tracking is that it reports to cnzz which apps from the Deepin Appstore are installed on your system. It isn’t exactly benign, but far from being as malicious as the accusations.

Quidsup also has a spyware blocker called NoTrack, for that extra dose of assurance.


That’s true but there are some differences between data collection by Chinese and US companies.

The USA government doesn’t mandate its companies to spy on their users and store the data on US government servers. In China, it’s the government forcing companies to track data and then the government uses this data for its own evil purposes (you may have heard of their AI tracking the citizens and the social point system).

While US companies are often held responsible and fined by various other countries, the same is not true for Chinese companies. They (backed by their government) don’t give a damn about laws and ethics or anything of that sort.

There is no accountability for the Chinese companies. This is why I would prefer US companies over Chinese ones because at least there are privacy groups keeping an eye on them. While in China, the eyes belong to the all-seeing Chinese government.

“you have much bigger problems with all those other applications than with a single anime makeover app or with an optional Software Center that is only there for a specific distribution.”

It’s not a single anime makeover app. All apps developed by Chinese developers are forced by their government to gather user data. Cheap smartphones like Xiaomi etc track almost all activities and all aspects of their users. They are filled with adware and you will never know how your data is being used by the Chinese authorities. And don’ underestimate them. They have captured the smartphone market worldwide.

Deepin has developed an ecosystem and you may not use it but the regular Deepin user will use its software center like other Deepin apps. Linux is known for its openness and transparency but unfortunately, Deepin (tried to) take advantage of it.


Google Microsoft etc collect data as a means of selling you stuff and this data is available for governmental use. The Chinese government would find it very difficult to monetize the data they harvested and the browsing habits of a lot of westerners would probably puzzle them.

It appears that the rumours of a proprietary OS are coming true.


Given there is a “trade war” between the USA and China at the moment we should not be surprised at thing. Although one person’s open source definition is not necessarily another’s. As for any fears about data collection, let’s not kid ourselves we are tracked from the moment we are born even our death is collated some where. While the western so called democracies might protest about data collection by China and alike, at least China is openly censoring and not covertly doing so.


Frickin scary, we do not need more corporates trying to control our lives

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