I am a bit perplexed about upgrading my ASUS Crosshair VIII motherboard

HI Everybody!

I am running Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on my ASUS Crosshair VIII (w/ Wi-Fi) and an EVGA RTX 3080-Ti FTW3 Ultra GPU. I do not have full use of the sensor readings when I use GKrellM and Kenmonitor. So, I wanted to upgrade, though possibly stay with Ubuntu 20.04.

A friend suggested I go to Kernel 6.1.4, up from Kernel 515, because the ‘ec-sensors’ are included in the new kernel and I won’t need to mess around with getting the sensor readings to work.

Well, I did as he suggested and now I’m in a pickle. I do not have my GPU showing up, I DO have Kernel 6.1.4 show up when I run ‘uname -mrs’ in a terminal window, but I DO NOT have Kernel 6.1.4 show up when I run ‘dkms status’. I still showing Kernel 5.15.

I’ve run a few other programs, and none of them seem to help. I can let you know what they are and show you the results if you want, but for now I think this will do.

So, what would you do? Should I stay with Kernel 5.15 and Ubuntu 20.04 and deal with messing with ‘ec-sensors’? Or should I upgrade my system to Ubuntu 22.04 and Kernel 6.1.4 so I have full use of ‘ec-sensors’? Or… would you do something different?

Thanks in advance!


You do know that neither Ubuntu 22.04 or 22.10 come by default with 6.x kernels don’t you?

I’m running 22.04 and default kernel is 5.15.0-58, and 22.10 and default kernel is 5.19.0-29…

I have no need for kernel 6, so will make zero attempts to try and get it… :smiley:

Thanks, but I am aware of that.
My friend who suggested I go to Kernel 6.1.4 does have the Kernel. It is a final version of 5.19, which is/was a sorta beta version, not ready for prime time, 6.1.4 is.

Depending on what the needs are with kernel 6.++ ,
There are enough just in Debian spinoffs distros (Ubuntu without the bloat) that have kernel 6.++ and they are stable, secure and easy to operate, if you or anyone else doesn’t know about what distro to get, click on at the search page in the middle box up top.

Hope this helps you.