I can't hide grub menu on startup UBUNTU 20.04 LTS

i have recently upgraded to ubuntu 20.04 LTS, It works fine but all want is to hide grub menu on boot, yes i tried to edit /etc/default/grub but the timeout is set to 0 sec by default,and i’m still seeing grub menu on startup with timeout 30 sec.

i tried to change the timeout to 10sec , 5 sec but grub menu timeout showing 30 sec on everytime startup

i tried to edit using grub-customizer, but no luck…

How did you do that?

My grub looks like this an it works perfect…no menu unless I change it:


Don´t forget to do:

sudo update-grub

After chaning the config.


and then sudo update-grub

But i’m still seeing grub menu on startup timeout for 30s

  1. That’s not Grub Customizer.
  2. You are editing the wrong GRUB.

In grub-customizer i unchecked show menu and look for other operating system
none of them hide menu on startup

and also i tried changing timeout to 10secs but still i’m looking timeout 30s on startup and then show some error llike platform device creation failed and initramfs unpacking failed : decoding failed