I cant paste when trying to make a win10 usb ( last part of the tutorial) Win 10 is a mess

hi in the last part of the tutorial to create a bootable win 10 usb (my win 10 is a mess) everything goes well until i hit control v to paste the image to the usb stick and nothing happens, any help guys?

Could you please elaborate what your issue is, what precisely is happening and link to what tutorial you are referring to?

hi I am trying to create a win 10 bootable usb stick, as my win 10 has lots of things not working including my printer, probably because of a ms update, but the system will not let me do anything , so i want to see if i can reinstall win 10 ( i dont like win 10 but need it for govenment web site etc) I have a win 10 key so want to make a bootable usb sick, windows system will not let me make it, so trying to make one with linux, I have followed the tutorial on the foss site all goes well untill the last part when i have to copy and paste to the usb stick when i press ctrl v as instructed it does not paste to the usb stick? Sorry message so long

Could you point to the tutorial via its link and provide screenshots of what you are trying to do?

I assume you are reffering to this:

I would suggest, you rather try method 2 (Ventoy).
I work with it on some USB sticks (mostly with GNU/Linux ISOs) and it does its job well.
And is not that complicated.

By the way:

What do those sites require that a browser in GNU/Linux can’t give them?