I found this item referencing ItsFOSS in a Windows Central News Letter from Oct. 03, 2023

The linked item (below) references an ItsFOSS News item about Mission Center (a GNU/Linux Task Manager app that looks a lot like Windows Task Manager - Mission Center: A Sleek System Monitoring App for Linux). I checked out the app and installed it on all three of my PCs. Its a Flatpak package, so you need to have that feature installed as well as Flat Hub. You can get instructions for your distribution at the Flathub store’s setup page - Set Up Flathub | Flathub, and installation commands for Mission Center installation on the apps flathub page - Mission Center | Flathub in the drop-down next to the ‘Install’ button.

I hope you all find this as interesting as I did,

Ernie (Oldster)


I probably saw the same article a while back, maybe a few months, and installed the flatpak too. I don’t use it a ton, but it does look like a pretty darn good utility.

I grabbed it because you never know when you’ll want an easy way to look at system resources, etc. Besides, I can watch my Wi-Fi as I download anything with it. When things seem to be taking a long time, ‘monitoring’ the data flow in real time can be very helpful/comforting. Finally, I dual-boot Solus with Windows 10/11 on all my PCs and I’m used to the Windows task manager. Since this app looks a lot like the Windows task manager, its familiar for me :).

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I do that too.

I agree, that’s one of its selling points too.

That is interesting to see, a Windows-focused site having Linux content.

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That was my reaction to, combined with a bit of a sense of tongue-in-cheek thrown it. For me, the most interesting part was their reference to the ItsFOSS article from the ItsFOSS News page about the app (Mission Center). I downloaded the flatpak package and installed it. I was well enough impressed that I decided to download and install it on my other two PCs (I have a desktop and two laptops here) as well.


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