I have a Dual Boot PC < Ubuntu and Windows 10 (low space on my Ubuntu /root)

Hello, I tried on another forum to get help/answers to this but it didn’t work!

So I am gonna ask here and see if any good answers that can help me.

anyway here is a output of my /sda6

waybackdrm@dolansroadbike:~$ df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
udev 3.8G 0 3.8G 0% /dev
tmpfs 784M 2.6M 781M 1% /run
/dev/sda6 260G 243G 4.6G 99% /

so see the problem is 260G 4.6G available with 99% Usage?

any input?

List all answers from other places as detailed as possible.

Try to explain as detailed as possible, what exactly you already did try to fix the issue.

Yes, I see. Please explain your issue.

Remember, that we cannot look into your brain, that’s why you need to explain your issue as detailed and elaborate as possible.

oh no Brain readers wanted! it would be no good! :slight_smile:

well let’s see, occasionally in my Ubuntu Desktop I will get a message stating Low Space.

lately I have not had problems installing applications or downloading, but sometimes when just doing something in Ubuntu a Low space Warning on /root will pop up.

Not sure if that helps or ? I am trying to explain my issue! Thanks

Have a look here:

I assume your problem is not the warning that pops up but that your HDD is filling up and you do not know why?

If that is the case, you should install more storage, move away stuff from that HDD to another storage or simply delete stuff that you do not need anymore. This way you can regain space.

However, if you want us to help you, you first need to help us becoming able to help you!

Please explain your actual issue.

Do you want more free space?
Do you wonder why the space is taken?
Do you want to know how to free space?

What is your actual issue?


Please answer the aforementioned question:

The question is: What are you using all your disk space for?

My guess: Media files.
du -sh /some_path/* can give you answers. There are also graphical tools to analyse your disk usage. E.g. KDiskFree, but you might just check out your software repository.

Emptying your trash can also help.

However, if you have still disk space on your Windows partition, you have two options:

  1. Move some data to the Windows partition. You can still access it as it were a normal directory in Linux. If you don’t know how, ask.
  2. Not for the faint of heart: Resize your partitions. If you really want to go down this route, which I personally consider the better one, please backup everything and make sure, you really know what you’re doing.


I erroneously mentioned KDiskFree above which is actually pretty rudimentary. What I really meant, was FileLight.
It gives you an overview like this:


Okay I am trying to help to see what my problems are with the Space! Bare with me! might take a bit! So that said will post more later!


very true! yes I have removed a lot from my Downloads folder. Though of course there is many more
options to check space/remove space!

Thank you

Hello @nekocasefans

You may try some of the cleaning methods discussed here:

243 GB should mean that you have plenty of files in Downloads and Documents. However, sometimes the log files also take a few GB of space.

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I had same problem when Windows installed Apache server for some reason?
The log files were being written multiple times and filled up 250Gb in less than a week.
Ended up removing all Apache files and problem went away.
Completely stopped using Windows in 2017


@1crazypj I remember also having had this Apache issue years ago (on Linux). I fixed it by changing some settings, but don’t recall which ones. Anyway, I then switched to Lighttp for the corporate web server, because I found it more intuitive to configure.

true, I have to look into maybe some log files that might be hogging up space or other things that
might be taking up way too much space.

Run this command:

du / | sort -nr | head -20 |nl

That will show you the top twenty lines of directory names by their disk usage.

Scan down the numbers until you see the length of the number is shorter by one character.

Focus your attention on the directory just above. Remove whatever can be safely removed from that directory.

Here is an example using the top 10 directories for usage. The focus on this list should be line 7, because disk usage drops visibly at line 8.

 1  73807052        /home
 2  73782356        /home/user1
 3  37804988        /home/user1/Downloads
 4  31489664        /home/user1/Clients
 5  30527116        /home/user1/Downloads/CENTOS
 6  23318932        /home/user1/Clients/ABC
 7  18417368        /home/user1/Downloads/CENTOS/Centos7_32bit
 8  6968344 /home/user1/Downloads/CENTOS/Centos8
 9  6135572 /home/user1/Clients/XYZ
10  5989656 /home/user1/Clients/XYZ/123
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Welcome @nekocasefans - I do sympathise with your situation - having probably the two worst OS’s on your computer. I started out some 14 months back with just the same setup - bought from local refurb shop - Dell E6420 Latitude 8GB RAM. Found Ubuntu to be both awkward and slow - one day decided to format drive and install Trisquel - what a relief - super fast and logical easy menus. :slightly_smiling_face:
I am now developing my miniMaxOS on this laptop which is faster still. :thinking:
Best thing I ever did with a laptop and never looked back. :smiley:
However if you want to flog a dead horse try my best advice for this - install BleachBit and remove a shedload of crap. View the listed files first and then decide what to delete - great little app :wink:


should be available from your secure repository - “Add / remove applications”

Enjoy :smiley:

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well I see, I am in disagreement that Ubuntu is awkward and slow. But we all have our opinions and
that is allowed! I respect it. Anyway I know of Bleachbit, I have it installed already, but it completely escaped my mind at the time about using that program. I found out one program that was using lots of space was a Android emulator!

Thanks for the input! it helped!

I have also run other Linux distros, like Mint, Zenwalk,PC Linux(might be wrong the name), Slackware,Debian,Opensuse,etc.

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