I have a HP p6506f with a Ralink RT3090 Wireless chipset

Dear all.
Hidden Wireless Networks Are a Pain to Deal With.

I have actually 5 units using wi-fi in the house and one cabled with ethernet.
I am of course using the wired/cabled one to write this.
I inherited the HP p6506f, and I want to make it the 6th unit.
It has a wifi card and I for some technical reason I want to use it instead of the cable one.

The problem I mentioned in the title of this thread is almost solved now. My mistake was that this computer is not like the laptops, smart phones and tablets.

I had forgotten that I had to :
1 Click Wi-Fi Settings
2 Connect to Hidden Network.
3 select New.
4 Enter the Network name,
5 Wi-Fi security type
6 password.
to connect it to the network.

Now, why is Internet absent only on that computer when all the 5 others have access to internet?

Like I say to people with my unique designs the component (WLAN adapter) has no intelligence and therefore being on Mars or Earth is of no consequence Great to get stuff to work though, especially when some say that it can’t be done - love it. Best wishes

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I bought one yesterday at Dell.ca.
It will hit my doorstep Wednesday.

Wish me luck.

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The dongle TL-WN725N I bought gives me 4,2 Mbps instead of the 30,0 Mbps I am paying for.

Here is what HP has to say:

Interface type: PCI-e half-length mini card
Data transfer speeds: up to 150 Mbps
Transmission standards: 802.11 b/g/n
Supported antenna connections: 1 (1 internal post to connect an internal)
Operating band: 2.4 GHz
Supported security protocols:

So I am beginning to think that my cousin may have added a wire to an antenna / cable that is lost and that may have broken the card.

What do you think @Andy2 ?

Can’t stress enough - :face_with_monocle: h-node

Don’t know quite what to say -
Today I wiped Win10 and ubuntu 16 from my Dell E6420 and quickly installed Trisquel to see just how fast it was :yum: I knew it would not have Wifi because of internal WLAN card being incompatible with FREE software. I could buy a suitable USB device but can’t be arsed at present as I only ever used wifi to connect printer upstairs so now just plug in cable. Most likely I will be on my ancient favorite HP G60 which has Wifi compatible with the FREE…!
So it does not affect me because I connect to the internet with a USB modem even when on holiday in our Motor-Home.
Stay Safe :mask:

ps by the way your graphic or whatever does not display

Again, what does this mean ?
What is the name of the SH G60’s wifi network card ?

Regards from the other side of the pond.
p.s. What graphic ? I think you need to click at the bottom of the TL-WN725N image.

Can’t be arsed - did you not attempt to look it up…? :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :joy:

Think you mean HP Hewlett - think I have posted it already …? :thinking:
I am on the Dell laptop at present and can’t be arsed to fire up the HP G60 :joy:

Greetings from this side of the pond - take EXTRA care to Stay Safe :mask:

Just how many graphics or images did you use…?
I suspect just one - n’est pas?

Good luck…

To be sure @Andy2, when you say can’t be arsed ; do you mean you are unwilling to help me ?

There were 2 pictures and the second was :


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Roger; I’m back on the HP now so I ran this command…
Hope it helps

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You speak about a note book
I am talking about HP p6506f

You were asking

Still no image or graphic - what on earth are you using?
Try jpg or png

Just got it sussed = you are inserting pictures as weblinks - my security won’t allow this as anything could be hidden in the weblink. :scream:

Anything could be hidden inside offline pictures, too. There is no normal reason to block remote pictures.

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Hey @Akito - technically what you say is quite correct :ok_hand:
Silly old me still does not trust them and do not wish to alter the settings within Abrowser.

Just a simple png or jpg will do for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Please @Andy2 stop the sillyness
or this thread will be remembered as the case of a blind leadind the blind.

Stay safe and don’t look back.

Please stop asking me the same questions - over…
Out of kindness…
You could have got here in two clicks from Trisquel web pages…

Then just one click more…

This is where I shop… Simples - n’est pas…?

Stay Safe :slightly_smiling_face: