I keep getting error 500 when trying to access Its Foss dot community

For an hour or so, I keep getting the html error 500 when trying to access It’s Foss Community. It happens every other day. For an hour or so, I am NOT able to access the site. What gives?

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me too. it doesn’t usually last long, but has been doing so for the past couple days.

@abhishek has replied to this question in the thread Did you notice any issues with the comment system on itsfoss.com, because it was mentioned there - so if you look on it you’ll see his answer. Thanks for opening this thread which is where it should have been which is here

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I got the feeling it gets worse and worse. I feel like I barely can access the site anymore. I consider this comment to be lucky to be posted.

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it definitely feels more hit and miss now as to whether or not i will see anything when i visit. hopefully the hosting company can come up with a fix

As per ElectricDandySlider comment, Abhishek did indicate he was experiencing issues with the comment boxes for the itsFoss website.

In the last week login, navigating and posting on this has become more erratic. The worse day for me being the 05th Jan.



Hello everyone,

Sorry for all the troubles. I should have acted faster. I thought it was a network issue from Digital Ocean cloud server but I was wrong.

There were a few issues that could have caused the frequent downtime. There was critical update to the Discourse software, there were too many queued jobs because the emails were not delivered.

The emails are failing because the SMTP service has disable my account due to non-payment. My current card doesn’t support recurring payment and the SMTP service (Mailgun) doesn’t accept third party solutions like PayPal. So until I get my new credit card, SMTP won’t work and hence you won’t get any email notification.

I’ll try to setup another SMTP service in the meanwhile.

Please let me know if you still experience downtime with the forum.


today seems to have been better on my end. the three or four times i have checked in all landed without the dreaded 500 “oops” message :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply @abhishek - I think we all knew that you’d let us know what was going on and sort it when you could do so :+1::+1: