Icons not functioning

I have a fresh download of Mint 20.1 cinnamon desktop. All my desktop and panel icons except for Thunderbird and Firefox get no response when clicked. I can’t even get the menu to appear by ticking the icon. This is a sudden event, and I can’t find the answer. There is a lot about the same problem in Windows, but nothing I have found for Linux. I’m sure there must be a simple solution that someone can provide. Thanks.

I had a similar problem when I Suspended the computer instead of Shutting Down. When I initiated another session post-suspend some of the icons wouldn’t respond and my wifi keyboard would sometimes be disconnected. A fresh Restart would clear up all of the problems.

I haven’t noticed the problem in a long time though and I still use Suspend frequently.

Good lUck,

I appreciate your quick reply. Re-start makes no difference. I am having a number of these minor problems after a fresh installation of LM20.1that are quite frustrating.