Ideas for a Distro on old PC


For your pc configuration i recommend Lubuntu.
This have the interface ( GUI ) LXDE, that uses few
system memory.Very easy of use, and uses apt as
packet manager ( simple use ) for install VLC by example:
sudo apt get install vlc.Pentium 4 is single cpu, ( not 2 cpu’s )
When install Lubuntu, make partition swap, because that your
pc have little memory ( 494 ram ), make swap of 4 Gib for best results. :smirk:

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Indeed ,Lubuntu 18.04 runs well on an old Pentium 4 PC , with 1 GB or more RAM_.
Another excellent distro is MX16 Linux (32 bit)
Typing this message on a desktop machine with that spec and distro.

Frank in County Wicklow Ireland



Pour ma part je viens d’installer la dernière version de Lubuntu sur un HP Amd turion (NX 6125) mono coeur 1.60 GHZ et 384 M de mémoire qui tourne bien avec la dernière version de Libre Office + Chromium pour le surf …
Une autre distribution s’appuyant sur une ubuntu 16.4 interfacé LXLE qui semble prometteuse et très complète reste à savoir quand la nouvelle version sortira s’appuyant sur la dernière LTS Ubuntu .

Entrez LXLE sur Google et vous tombez dessus !!

Jp de Metz France

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à quel point lit-il les vidéos en streaming comme youtube ou netflix avec ce peu de mémoire? (traduction par google).

how well does it play streaming video like youtube or netflix with that little memory? (translation by google)



bonjour Cordx,

Alors petit rectificatif mon navigateur est FALCON .Je lis les vidéo avec résolution max 360 à 480 résolution auto youtube sans lag ! plein écran aussi .
Ce ordinateur n’a pas de mémoire vidéo dédiée donc il prend encore sur la mémoire des 384 M de l’ordinateur !!

Le choix du navigateur est primordial même compris pour le surf normal .Firefox prend beaucoup trop de mémoire d’ou mon choix FALCON
Cordialement Jp

Translate Google !!

hello Cordx,

So little corrigendum my browser is FALCON .I read video with resolution max 360 to 480 resolution auto youtube without lag! full screen too.
This computer does not have a dedicated video card so it still takes on the memory of 384 M !!

The choice of the browser is paramount even included for normal surfing. Firefox takes far too much memory of where my choice FALCON
Regards Jp

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Could you please talk in English, when everyone else here is doing so for obvious reasons? Even the people who are really bad in English try hard, because it is appropriate to do so. I think it’s very rude and disrespectful to expect that you can just force yourself into a group and talk in your own language instead of the language literally everyone is using here. Please speak English. I do too, even though I could speak in 3 other languages with people here, as well.



@jpc Jean-Pierre if you posted this in Hardware then more people might see it and give you an answer quicker or give you a suggestion. Also if you can give more details about what hardware you have, that would help as I see you say you have no graphics card.

It might be as easy as doing an update or another work around.
Oh, I know it will be quite hard to do, but if you could use Google Translate so your post is in English that would help, even if you have to do the post en Francaise and then use google to translate that would help.



my french is a bit rusty, but i think the comment was just that lubuntu works well on their old system :slight_smile:



Thanks my friend the only French I know is not something for here, as my dear Mum used to say after she used a naughty word - pardon my french:rofl::rofl:

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thus proving that salty mom language (mine was plenty fond of the same phrase) is probably also universal :alien: they may look all sweet and innocent, but we know



Plus she loved ya, unlike the trouble and strife :rofl:



Bonjour Akito,
Pas de problémes , je ferai mon possible à l’aide de google translate d’être lisible de tous

Hello Akito,
No problem, I will do my best using google translate to be readable by al



Yes , MX Linux is excellent , I now run it on a Pentium 4 desktop PC and a Pentium M laptop (the latter with a non-PAE kernel)
PAE= Physical Address Extension.

The Pentium M (Centrino) CPU does not accept a PAE kernel.

Frank in County Wicklow - Ireland



Google translate is nice, but currently Yandex Translate making
more accuracy translation. :parrot: