Important Message regarding the imitation of the American Dystopia

This is currently happening in the EU. Happened already all 2021 long and nobody noticed, as media loves to talk about the one and only topic starting with a “C”, instead of talking about what actually matters: Your lives.

Even if you are not part of the EU, this still affects you!

This happened in the USA, as all privacy downfall seems to start in the land of the unfree anyway, already a long time ago, as we all now. Now, it spills over to the EU. And if you sit there, doing nothing, you and your country will be next.

Please, share this information as much as possible. This needs more attention and more people need to know what is happening above their heads, without anyone noticing, because all media is mute about it.


Apparently, 28% of Europeans have never used the internet in their entire lives. Amazing, how many people still live below a rock. :laughing:

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Thanks for drawing awareness to this.
As a german (and member of the Pirate party) we are fighting constantly against such nonsense that “the EU” wants to stuff down our throats.
Keep fighting!


I ‘follow’ the pirate party in Australia, but I’m much more in The Greens’ camp…

Well, we have some common ground with them.
At least “had” as far as in Germany, they recently startet to sympathyze in part with stuff like content filters, video surveilance and such… Weird…