Inkstitch inkscape how to make them work together

I am; a new newbie.

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    How do I actually open “inkstitch”?

I have attempted install/reinstall of both Inkscape and Inkstitch, for 2 weeks. (Ubuntu 21.1) I am able to find user extensions & the downloaded icon for the file but there is no “install Inkstitch extensions”. Trouble shooting in Inkstitch isn’t working a/c limited help.

I see someone changed from Ubuntu to Manjaro to make their Apt. work, is an expected option?

This web page seems to set out how to do it


Thank You Kindly…not trying being funny- “been there done that”. Just feel I am missing one connector point. I even rebooted Ubuntu. Am thinking??? i can just jump in, w/o more codes or "apt-get’s LOL.

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That is good, you are well on the way. Following the instructions is a good start.
There must be, as you say, some minor point you are missing.
I will try an install in my Debian ( I dont have Ubuntu). That might uncover the issue.

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Good news is I did it on my Debian machine… and it works - when I hit the extensions button in inkscape it lists ink/stitch.

So what you need to do is check very carefully what you did against what I did. Here is my method

  1. apt-get install inkscape
  2. Go to the inkstitch site
    Go to User Manual and it should say Install Inkstitch
    Tick the Linux button
    Tick the Download DEB package button
    it should download the file inkstitch_2.1.2_amd64.deb
    [ I hope your computer is 64bit otherwise this package will not work]
  3. In your own computer
    Use the applications menu to start inkscape
    Use su or sudo for next line
    `dpkg -i inkstitch_2.1.2_amd64.deb’
    close the inkscape window
    Use the applications menu again to start inkscape
    Look in Extensions … it should be there

So what did you miss?
Make sure your computer is 64bit. Make sure inkscape is running when you do the install of inkstitch.


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Just now was able to be back on my computer w/ubuntu. I am starting “all over” and will attempt your solution.

Thank You so much for attempting this on your OS…yes I do have 64 bit, new HP.

Could be I missed close Inkscape…not sure. I can find the install in extensions but I was unable to install the “inkstitch” “extensions”. Thereby being able to open embroidery commands. I will keep you posted. :thinking:

Yes do backups, that is important.

When you redo it, write down each step,as to do it. Then if you get to the end and it is not right you can check back or show it to me. It is a good habit to get into when changing system things.

I forgot to say that the downloaded file will be in the Downloads directory, and you need to copy it to the work directory before doing the
‘dpkg -i’ command. I think you would have known that.

I do not understand why you say you are looking for ‘install’ under ‘extensions’. You dont install from there. The ‘dpkg -i’ command does the install. It is not like adding an extension to the firefox browser where you do ir in the browser. You do not do the install from inkscape. You do it with ‘dpkg -i’.
What you should see under ‘extensions’ is just the inkstitch item.


@Mina or @Akito
I need help.
Can you explain how to get a screenshot into an itsFOSS reply please?

My guess, use html

<IMG SRC="screenshotfilename">

but I cant see how it would find the file from within the browser?


I usually just paste (Ctrl+C) into the Discourse (this forum tech) subject on here, if the image is in another browser tab or window.

But there’s also “Upload” : see attached image :

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Thanks Daniel,
I will try it first. I need to something simple. The lady @JANDOE is quite inexperienced and she needs to send me a screenshot to solve an issue.
So, display the image, then paste it… sounds simple

Upload will work from a file, that sounds even simpler


I made a typo there - Ctrl+C in another tab to copy, Ctrl+V to paste into the discource thread discussion…

But the easiest thing is to just click the “Upload…” button…

Fine, I understand.

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