Inkstitch Just isn't working

YES It’s me again! I just can’t get it…I do not know how to follow up and old post, so it’s new. :grimacing:

Can Anyone follow the directions given via the install link and install the full Inkstitch? If so what the heck have I done wrong? Months of tears now. :cry: Sometimes I think I have it but nothing is working. I do have wayland and found some confusing information regarding Inkscape. I hope this copy comes through and brings the clarity I lack, in writing.

can’t read whatever that text is on transparent background (I use discourse in dark mode - like everything else - as it should be)

Hello Daniel,
As I have said; I am a newbie, totally, I have no idea what this or means: :confounded:

can’t read whatever that text is on transparent background (I use discourse in dark mode - like everything else - as it should be)

I am absolutely sure now; all this LINUX etc. stuff is definitely beyond me :disappointed:…someone once said; “geek group”
and i was wrong a/c we are ALL learning. I have read all the new bios posted and my phd is missing here. :smiley:

(guess “ya pay your money and take your chances”. )

Serious question here; do you know of a true “beginner” forum I should/could consider?

It’s not about that. It’s about the amount of effort you put into your research. You should read more on how basic Linux stuff works, etc. before doing this stuff. Then everything will be easier.

Dear Akito :clap: :clap:

Because you don’t know me, I will allow you to think I am stupid, you might be right I went head-long into Linux without an ounce of knowledge or any background, other than; MS Windows/Google/ FB/Parler/Rumble/one or two disciplines on Twitter for disagreeing with policies.

However, I will not let you assume I do not read or research my every move! I have bought a few “reads” on Linux such as; “Linux Pocket” Guide by Daniel Barret, “Learn Linux” by Ahmet Alkabary, I joined this Community and Paid $ my dues for the year! Assuredly, exact interruption is not always with perfect understanding.

Also, without assumption, you can know I am learning from my mistakes (and there have been many). However the long standing difficulty lies within; following (multiple) directions, on You Tube, The Net, and Ubuntu, the Stack etc.

Perhaps I do need to learn more before trying to move forward in the areas of keen interest, personally to me.**

However, I have been on KDE and while I like Plasma and loved screen savers, I didn’t like KDE as it had too many things I could not see using. I found my way back to Gnome, to delete KDE, although it appeared my PC would crash in the process.!

I have my music on Clementine. Reading books in Calibre. Having fun in Inkscape. Playing Mahjongg frequently. Loving Office Draw. Learned how I didn’t need Pro-on Jammy-Jellyfish and how to update via 22.04.

I guess by your retort I will always be The Linux Illiterate, stumbling along.

This is what I mean - I can’t read the text in the bitmap you pasted / uploaded into your post - it looks like its got a transparent background - that’s not necessarily Linux related :

The “onus” on you, seeking help, is to address this, the effort on my part, to try and read your pasted image, is too high for my enthusiasm level.

Also - pretty sure you can get InkScape on Windows can’t you? Maybe worth exploring? I agree - if all this is beyond you - better stick with what you know?

Note : Fedora 35 defaults to Inkscape 1.1 too (like Ubuntu 21, and probably 22). I was able to get Inkstitch installed and running on Inkscape 1.1 on Ubuntu 20.04 (by updating Inkscape in Ubuntu 20.04 via a PPA [I think?]) - as previously posted - you don’t “NEED” Ubuntu 22.04 to run InkScape 1.x (default version for Ubuntu 20.04 is 0.92). I have no need to install InkStitch, so I won’t bother.