Install browser problem with Deb package

ok i have a downloaded deb package of CLIQZ browser (love this browser_)
i have installed it in mint 20 ulyana
cinnamomin desktop, but i try it on another laptop running mint 20 ulyana
MATE desktop it installs but gives me this error and will not run,and yes it points to repositories etc,
g@g-mate:~/Desktop$ cliqz
JavaScript warning: resource://gre/modules/TelemetryReportingPolicy.jsm, line 413: unreachable code after return statement
JavaScript warning: chrome://browser/content/browser.js, line 4278: unreachable code after return statement
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

any ideas would be great, thanks

Could you precisely elaborate on how you achieved that?

Could you also elaborate precisely on that?

Indicates that something that was already deallocated is accessed again. Which usually means, that there is an error in the code, which in turn means, that there is something wrong with the app you use.

Did you try re-downloading the software and matching its checksums with what they are supposed to match?

i installed with Gdebi (i had downloaded it several months ago for the first one, not it is discontinued but i had a copy in Deb package) i dont know why this browser didnt catch on its is great.

no i can not download another copy as i can not find one, its been discontinued , but i have used it for a few years and love it, sad to see it go, you could download you tube videos with just two clicks from the browser, that is what i miss the most

Try to build the newest version from here:

The source code is still up and running, so the project does not need to die, fully. Someone can fork it and keep on working on it, if they really want to.

This is one of the beauties of open source software.

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Hello Glenn,

If downloading YouTube vidoes in a click is the most sought after feature of Cliqz, you can use Firefox (and most other broswers) and install Download Helper add-on. With that, you can download YouTube video is a single click.

More information here:

I would also not recommend a discontinued browser because it might have vulnerabilities in the future.


I also download videos from youtube or other sites quite often. What I mostly use, is the excellent youtube-dl command (get it e.g. by sudo apt install youtube-dl).
In case, you want to download multiple files, I consider this tiny perl script useful:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use feature q(say);

# in the following line of code change
# "/home/mina/Downloads" to your 
# download directory.
# Note, that you can invoke with the
# download directory as command line 
# parameter.
my $d = @ARGV ? $ARGV[0] : q(/home/mina/Downloads);

chdir $d or die qq(failed to open directory: $d)

my $l;
do {
  system qq(youtube-dl $l >/dev/null 2>&1 &) if $l;
  my $n = qx(ps -elaf | grep youtube-dl | grep -v grep | wc -l);
  chomp $n;
  say qq($n downloads running. Enter URL to download. Empty quits);
  chomp($l = <STDIN>);
} while $l;
say q(good bye);

Easy enough to copy it into the editor of your choice (check: there might be some HTML in the rendered output), save it as, say, and deploy it on your system with sudo cp /usr/local/bin.

In the future, you just type If you find a video on youtube or another site with videos (despite its name, the tool downloads from many, many sites), just mark the url and copy it with the middle mouse button into the command line.

You can use also use your download directory as a command line argument.


Nice… thanks i use youtube-dl quite often but wanted a script like this, i am no programer, lol, i will use this , again thanks

Let me know if it works for you. Note that originally, I used quotes and backticks but they became something else in the browser breaking the script, so I replaced them with q, qq and qx. That should work.