Install chromium browser 65 with Ubuntu on chromebook

Please guide me to install chromium browser version 65(65.0.3325.181-0ubuntu1) on my chromebook. I have installed Ubundu. I’m no knowledge in unix.
Thank you in advance.

Hello and welcome.
I don’t know what version of Chromium is in the repos of Ubuntu, but you can check in the software-center.
You can open it in the applications menu (Ubuntu Software).
There is a search box where you type in “cromium”.
It should show you the results. If it is your preffered version, you can install it with one click

I installed software center using gnome-software and while I was trying to open gnome-software I got bunch for errors including failed to get featured apps.

I know, you’re new to Linux, so this might scare you a bit, but can you open a terminal and type:

sudo apt install chromium-browser

In case of problems, please reply with the output.
Alternatively (or additionally), please post screenshots of the software centre’s error messages.

I’m getting Invalid operation install
Thank you for your reply.
Also I need to install chromium browser version 65.

Isn’t that a very old version? My version is 97.

Why do you need such outdated version? Perhaps, it’s possible to solve your problem in a different manner.

yes it’s one of the older versions which supports the old HAL library concept of web component. I need to test the look and feel of the components from one of my applications for device agnostics study.

Does this link help?

And instructions here

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