Installed Lynx and learning to use it

For no particular reason I installed Lynx and am learning to use it. I really suck at using it right now! lol


Just stick with it. It will be the best thing you ever did. Cheers!


Should also try links2 -g ! :slight_smile:

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Well Links showed me that the site is powered by Discourse. lol

Welcome to the greater world of textual browsing!
I only have a mobile data connection (from my android phones) @ home, and, of course, not always WiFi on the road, so text-browsing is an amazing way of browsing the web without spending lots of data on bloat like images, ads, javascript_, and other _distractions.

Speed, less crap and data-saving are the main advantages I can think of.

I can even text-browse on android using Termux - the terminal emulator/environment on Android WITH a package manager. I read you can even run Linux-distroes (graphical) in it!
Termux -
I digress…

This is a great overview of different browsers and also performance comparisons:

I settled for elinks because I can tabbed browsing, etc.

After many years of hoping for modernisation this shows up:

It gives you ALL the features of Firefox on the command-line. Play videos and all.
The thing is you won’t save any data unless you use it as a proxy. Hence I brought a Raspberry Pi with me on holiday to set up a proxy!
Will keep using elinks text for pure text; browsh comes with graphics (ASCII, probably).

Anyway, print/save and learn the keyboard shortcuts to use efficiently - that’s an advantage to know.

Happy hacking!