Installing a linux OS without changing the current Grub screen

Hi folks ,
I like to try various Linux distros on my spare pc and currently have Debian Bullseye as my first boot option in the Grub menu. I would like to retain this set up (Bullseye grub screen and first boot) but want to install other distros as well for trials . Whenever I install a new distro it takes over as first boot option and grub screen ,is there a way to keep my current (bullseye) grub menu and boot order whilst adding or removing other distros ?

Disable GRUB installation, when installing a new OS.
Then, update GRUB list of OS in the OS responsible for GRUB, which probably is Debian in your case.

Done that for years and I consider it the best solution.

Thanks for the help Akito. Will try that , though not sure how to do this if the install has no " do not install GRUB " option . Is there a way to get the choice if not offered by “Calamares” etc?

Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives always have this option. Sometimes, it’s just hard to find them. If there is really an installer that does not provide the switch for turning off GRUB installation, yet, then you are out of luck for using this easy method.

You could try a workaround by selecting the GRUB installation destination. Just choose a USB stick you attached to the PC prior to the installation and then choose it as the GRUB installation target. Once the installation is done, you remove the USB stick and that unnecessary GRUB is gone.

Thanks again Akito . I’m sure that your suggestions will make things much easier .

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I used to do this while performing multiple installations of Arch.
I would not install the bootloader at all.

Then I’d go to the main operating system and run sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg or a `sudo update-grub. This will detect other operating systems if they are correctly installed.

So, while installing a distro, just unselect the hard drive for installiing bootloader option. I do not remember clearly, but it’s similar to no bootloader. And this option is given in every installer on earth. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks Pranav,
That’s useful to know ,as,despite being a relative newbie ,I do like to try different distos whilst keeping my current favourite in pride of place .

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