Installing linux

i want to install linux without removing my windows on my pc


Firstly welcome to our community. Is this a statement or question you want help with ? Sorry I am confused as it comes across as just a statement.
If you are asking a question then which one do you want to install along side Windows? If we know that then the community can help you once we know.

So if you can say a little more it would help us to help you. Thanks :grinning:

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Welcome @Ford07 to the community. Just this past spring, I installed Linux Mint on my laptop and desktop with Windows 10 still there. It called dual boot. During the boot process, I can select either Windows or Linux Mint. Good Luck and ask any questions you might have.
Be sure to have backups before changing your system and know how to restore your PC. Murphy’s Law might get you.


It must be simple as I have done it on laptops and desktops with Ununtu, Puppy and Mint. Just download and follow instructions. You could also just buy a Linux magazine with a free disc, they always have a distro to try out ‘live’ (direct from disc)I prefer Linux Format but it’s a bit expensive being imported from Britain ($18.00 last time I bought one) If you use Win10 you will have issues with an update eventually but will have Linux ready to find out what went wrong with Microsoft. I stopped using Win 10 October 2017 after a failed update that would require way more work than I’m capable of and a re-installation of Windoze would wipe all my Linux partitions as it ‘doesn’t play nice with others’ in my experience.

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