Installing manjaro KDE alongside windows

I’ve trouble installing manjaro KDE alongside windows. I’ve installed it with boot partition and without boot partition but in either of the installation, after 100% installing when I reboot it directly routes into windows. And when I check my bios order, there’s no Manjaro in it. Pls help me out guys!!

Hello @Byri_Manoj, welcome to this forum!

During the installation you are asked to configure and install Grub, the bootloader, on the hard drive. If you have more than one, you may have picked the wrong one - the one where Linux is installed. However, it must reside on the disk where Windows sits.

Am I right that you have more than one hard disk? Maybe you can take a picture of your BIOS and tell us where each operating system resides?

There are ways to repair/install grub from the installation medium, but I would try to redo the installation process, this time making sure that grub gets installed on the correct disk.

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How to make sure that grub gets installed on the disk?

Honestly, I find it very hard trying to be helpful with you being so little forthcoming when it comes to provide information: You don’t tell very much, neither about your computer’s configuration nor about the progress of your installation process.

Let’s assume, you have two hard disks (C: and D: in Windows, /dev/sda and /dev/sdb in Linux). Early in the installation, you are asked where to install Linux. Probably you decided to install Linux on the second disk and then the installer suggested a hopefully reasonable partitioning of the disk with a swap and a root partition.

Rather at the end of the process, it asks you to install the boot manager grub. At this point, you will probably have to make a choice where this is going to happen and you have to choose /dev/sda (C:).

You’ll notice that I spoke very much in hypotheticals as I haven’t got the slightest clue about what went on during your installation in reality. I am also not familiar with the specialities and typical proceedings of the Manjaro installer, I can only deduce from what happens during other Linux installations. If you don’t get any further, you might want to consult it with the people at

or else, try another (possibly easier) installation process: Ubuntu, it’s derivatives (e.g. Kubuntu, KDE Neon) and Mint are very newcomer friendly ones.

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