Installing Mint in a Virtualbox -- erasing all data?

OK, I might be unnecessarily jittery, but this froze me in my tracks.

I followed Joe Collins’ great video to make a Virtualbox with Mint. When I clicked “Install Mint” I got the warning message saying that no OS has been detected and Mint will erase all your data.

Is this bad news?

Or is it just that the 30 GB of virtual machine has nothing in it?

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If you are installing an OS inside VirtualBox, you should be choosing “Erase disk and install” option.

It might seem scary because it says something like “erase all disk data” but you don’t need to worry about it.

While installing the OS, you create a virtual disk. Your Linux is installed here. If you choose erase disk, it’s the virtual disk space that is being erased. It cannot harm your actual host system.

So go ahead and choose the erase disk option in Virtualbox.



I have been too scared to use VirtualBox until I read this, so thank you for replying and this is why I like to see other answers as you learn so much. So to clarify this completely, the same would be on Linux you could install another OS with it without it damaging any thing on your normal OS ?


VirtualBox is like a virtual box!

Whatever you put in the box, it stays in the box. If you put a pet alien in the box which wants to destroy anything that stands in its path, no worries, it is not getting out of the box. It just destroys everything within the box. That’s why VM’s are so popular and are used for many risky/shady activities and also for servers, etc. Because if something goes horribly wrong, it jest went wrong within the box, not the actual system/world/platform.


Thank you that is a good explanation.


Such abhishek spoken, nothing data was erased in your PC.
Virtual machines ( as the name already speak ) deletes virtual hd’s ( vhd )
However installing any OS in real hard disk, you must pay attention for it
because that when the OS alert about deletion, in fact IS REAL DISK and PARTITION :wink: