Installing Shutter on Ubuntu 23.04

Have Shutter on my system for many years. Recently upgraded to 23.04 and now I find that Shutter won’t open. I’ve tried reinstalling it from Ubuntu Software which it does without protest but it won’t open. Then I read your article and tried to download the Universe repository but that is not allowed:
The repository ‘Index of /linuxuprising/shutter/ubuntu lunar Release’ does not have a Release file!

Is this something to do with the change to Snap packages?

Hi @simongatti ,
If Shutter has a bug in the current Ubuntu release , your best workaround may be to change to another screenshot program.
You should report it. These sorts of things do not tend to be fixed quickly. Find an alternative.


I too used to use shutter - but now I’m perfectly happy with Gnome’s “native” screenshot utility…

Thank you for the advice, it’s a great help!