Interested in helping me with the new Academy project of It's FOSS?

Hello folks,

If you read the IF newsletters, you might be aware that I am launching a new project, an e-learning portal to It’s FOSS. It’s called It’s FOSS Academy.

While this new project is almost ready for a beta launch, I would like to have a fresh eye perspective on it.

Would you like to help me with it? The task is simple, you log in to this new project’s website and explore it and report if any issues you found.

I’ll have to give you access to the portal explicitly if you are willing to help. Just reply with a Yes to this topic.

Thank you :pray:


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Sent you a message with the details.

Yes please
Very interested

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Sent you a PM. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, would be willing.

I’ll be happy to provide the perceptions of a perpetual noob.

I could try to help !!!

yes would love to :smile:

Thanks @Henry_svenson @4dandl4 @berninghausen and @kc1di

I have created accounts for all of you on

You may log in (reset password if needed) and attend the courses, check all the features of the portal and let me know what’s broken or what could be improved and what’s your overall feel about it.

Happy new year :slight_smile:

Yes please allow me to access

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Yes, if still possible, I would be interested in helping

YES!!! Count me in. I devour each newsletter and when I have time, peruse the community discussions.

I see, you already found quite some people, but please add me too, unless you’re already overwhelmed with helping hands.

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Of course, Mina.

I’ll add you and the others hopefully tomorrow. I have not been keeping well for the past few days so I couldn’t work on it.

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No rush! First, see to get well, dear!


Hope you feel well soon.


@ard @mfskanpur @myviolinsings and @Mina

I have created accounts for you all on the Academy.

You may have to reset your password on the first login: Log In ‹ It's FOSS Academy — WordPress

When you are logged in, go to the homepage of the Academy and look at the available courses. Go to the course page and click on Enrol button to start using the course.

Take your time and please provide me feedback. I may use your feedback as testimonial on the courses (with your permission).

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