Interesting : Interactive Kernel Map

Credit goes to for bringing this to my attention :

(original hackaday article link : Find That Obscure Function With This Interactive Map Of The Linux Kernel | Hackaday)

Note : one thing that drives me a bit cranky is how Discourse doesn’t target a new tab or window with links - it opens them up in the same tab) - I always have to remember to right-click and open in new tab…


I think it depends on the browser?
I just tried your link in Samsung internet browser, and it made a new tab.
Interesting kernel map indeed

That map doesn’t look simple…

I just ctrl-click. That opens ANY link in a new tab. Works on Firefox, Chromium, I think on other browsers too.


I should remember this also: middle click (e.g. of the mouse wheel), opens link in a new tab, and retains focus in the current tab…

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This is my usual method.

For what it’s worth. The link opened in the same tab, but the link opened in a new tab when I simply clicked on them. I’m using Edge on Windows 10.