Interesting log entry: message of the day

i saw this the other day and thought was a bit puzzled. i run lnav at start (along with htop and conky) just because i like seeing how things work and this was the last entry so it caught my eye:

systemd[1]: Starting Message of the Day...
50-motd-news[14720]:  * Security certifications for Ubuntu!
50-motd-news[14720]:    We now have FIPS, STIG, CC and a CIS Benchmark.
50-motd-news[14720]:    -
50-motd-news[14720]:  * Want to make a highly secure kiosk, smart display or touchscreen?
50-motd-news[14720]:    Here's a step-by-step tutorial for a rainy weekend, or a startup.
50-motd-news[14720]:    -
systemd[1]: Started Message of the Day.

initially i was a tiny bit taken aback because it looked to me like someone was advertising in my syslog which seemed like an odd, oblique thing to do. a quick duckduck search seems to point to the fact that it is used in server versions to send out news or messages. just thought i would include it here in case anyone else stumbled upon it and was curious as well :slight_smile:

More for the sysadmins to greet users, I believe.

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